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Hi Guys

I'm looking for some CC for this shot.
I know that the sky is more or less centre which may not be ideal, but what do you think about the colors? More or less saturation? Especially in the sky and in the ice blocks.

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

Hi Patrick,

I like the composition and selection of shutter speed in this image.

If I was you, I would consider the below changes:

1) Add More contrast to Midtones.
2) Add a graduated filter to darken the sky to bring out more colour.
3) Use a Dodge and Burn layer to darken the black sand and lighen the main subject (Ice).
4) Sharpen Ice to bring out the details.
5) Add a custom vignette to draw viewers eyes to the main subject.

As I said, these are my personal preferences. You may disagree.

Patrick Luchsinger's picture

Thank you for your remarks.

I'm definitely gonna try out your inputs!
As for the sharpening, the image is already sharpened very strongly, especially on the ice. I think the page degraded it a bit. So I probably won't be able to do much more, as I already removed some small halos.

Shyama Prasad Mishra's picture

Hi Patrick,

I assume you have already done the below steps, still thought of checking:

1) Converted the profile to sRGB
2) Scale the image to 2048 resolution on long edge. (Or even 1020px x 800px as its the default display resolution for fstoppers)

Alternatively PNG files are better when subjected to compression.
You may try uploading PNG instead of JPEG.

Hope it helps.

Patrick Luchsinger's picture

Man, adding more contrast to the midtowns was really a game-changer!! Thank you very much Shyama!
As for the vignette, I'm struggling between the version with and the Version without Vignette. I sharpened the Ice a little more, which worked fine, but noise levels are starting to get high in the ice blocks. And while sharpening I realized that the rhino block was moving while taking the picture, so unfortunately there is motion blur.

Patrick Luchsinger's picture

Here's the updated version, what do you think?


Martijn van der Nat's picture

Looking a lot better! One more thing I'd like to add... Maybe clean up some of the small sea shells and other small distractions at the bottom of the frame... just clone out anything that takes the focus away from the Rhino Ice..