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Denis Girard's picture

Foggy Sunrise


How did I do?...first attempt at this kind of shot! :)

Go ahead destroy me! lol


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Anonymous's picture

Nice shot. I would straighten the horizon which is leaning to the right.Then maybe crop a bit of the dark foreground. Theses shots are hard to bring off because the experience of a foggy morning is usually so much nicer as an experience than as a captured images.Maybe you could do more by lightening the shoreline where the water is rippling in.

Denis Girard's picture

Thanks Geoff, I appreciate your comment! Its true about the horizon! ;) I'm such a Newbee! lol

Mike Moses's picture

Hi Denis I like this shot, you might want to enhance the white balance a little and bring up the shadows. I find if there is a silhouette feature (i.e. the boats on their mornings) they might be better as black, and the fog could be highlighted a little more. Just my 2 cents,

Denis Girard's picture

great comment! thanks!

Eric Hodges's picture

Horizon is also very close to the middle of the image. You could try shooting with it at 2/3 to 3/4 up or down the frame. You could try shooting HDR in this situation. Also try with an ND (and maybe a GND) to flatten out the water, which would not take too much. This scene may have been interesting just before sunrise or just after. It may have been interesting to shoot closer to the hanging boat and change the sun position relative to it.