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Mt. Cook

Hello guys,

I am quite new to photography - or more precisely, I have never prioritized it as much as I should in order to make progress.
This is a photo of Mt. Cook which I took when hiking trough the valley. We entered a small shed and it's window gave me a nice idea for framing.
Any comments or improvement suggestions are more than welcome.


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Nice spotting for a good shot. I would have tried to get frame on right into picture also and maybe the window ledge if there was one.When using a frame to frame the shot I would try to get the whole frame around it.In this type of shot I have also taken couples outside the shack using the window frame to frame them and the scenery as a backdrop. Probably need some fill flash on the couple in that situation.

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I agree, should have tried to use the whole frame. Not sure if there was enough space inside though. Thanks for feedback.