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Lechfall in a Winter Night

I've just uploaded this and would like some tips to improve.

I tried to use the river and the mountains on the background to guide the eye of the viewer to the waterfall and the tree as a breakpoint to stop the eye on that part of the image.

Critics and comments are always welcome ;)


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Anonymous's picture

Very interesting subject Filipe.I note you are a 3d artist and the waterfall in this certainly for me creates a 3d look to it.I think I would have preferred the waterfall to look not so dreamy as I am sure the water was probably making quite a noise coming over the falls.I think I would have liked it in colour more so than black and white.It is a shot I would certainly take if I was there as it's a bit different and spectacular to a point.It doesn't do a lot for me as a natural scene because of the man made nature of the waterfall.As soon as I saw this pic the waterfall jumped out at me so maybe you achieved your purpose.good work.

Filipe Lopes's picture

Hey Geoff,

The color version was very yellowish because everything in that area was lit by incandescent lights, so I thought this approach would create a more pleasant and different look...

But in my future shots I will definitely think about what you said and try to capture something different yet natural...

Thanks a lot for the comments :D

Patrick Luchsinger's picture

I like the B/W and the shot. But I've got one issue.. The white snow on the right always draws my eye to the left bottom corner only to see that there is nothing interesting. Maybe create a custom Vignette to draw the eye more to where you want them to be, I suppose on the waterfall. Also some dodging and burning on the waterfall could increase interest.

Filipe Lopes's picture

Hey Patrick....

That part of the shot didn't get my attention... Thanks for pointing at it... I'll sure work on that...

Thanks a lot ;)