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What do you think?


What do you think of my attempt of photographing and editing the Seljalandsfoss?

I've got the following questions:
-How would you deal with the mud between the grass in the foreground?
Leave it the way it is/ Mask it out (How would you do that?)
-Could the Cliffs on the right use a little more red/orange or is the saturation just right?
-The same about the blue in the sky, darker blue or just right? And more orange where the sun shines into the clouds, or just right?
-How about the greens? Less saturation?
-Do you have any other advice/input on the edit?

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Lee Morris's picture

Looks great to me!

Martijn van der Nat's picture

Looks great!

stephen brownhill's picture

Awesome Shot! well done

Patrick Luchsinger's picture

Thanks to all of you!

Stephen Liang's picture

Looks nice. By the way, can you rate my pics? I gave you a 4.

Patrick Luchsinger's picture

Wow! Thanky you very much for your specific CC! Thanks for pointing out some little flaws I haven't even seen yet! I will definitely work a bit more on the image!