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Landscape Time lapse, from Oman

When I saw the infamous timelapse byTSO "The Mountain" 4 years ago, I was instantly inspired to make one with scenes from my country, Oman.
I searched the web and no one has even made any kind of video time lapse video of Oman at the time, so that even drove me further to do one.

After two years of gathering footage (Took me that long because I was studying at the time) I've finally made it. Decided to render the while thing in 4K to even make it more special.

I know it has its flaws and it's not even nearly as good as TSO's timelapses, but I'm really proud to have finished this project

I made this timelapse video almost 2 years a ago, now. Just decided to share it with you guys and get your opinion. Critisize the shit out of it :D. That's how we learn right?

Time Lapse Oman

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