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Lee filters or Hi-Tech

Hi.. I want to see your comments and what filters do you can tell me I should buy..
Since 3 years I have been shooting landscapes, when I start Photography, I buy a cheap square filter set from those that are plastics, after that I get the cokin filters, and I have use until these days, now I want to get a new set of filters, with a greater quality.

I have been searching and at the beginning I see Lee filters one of the must known, but when the new Fstoppers tutorial get out's I see Hitec. I start looking for it and I find good reviews about them.

Can someone tell me more about both..and can tell me what you would you buy in your place.

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Patrick Luchsinger's picture

I use Formatt Hitech Firecrest filters and I love them! Didn't use any of the lee filters though. As from what I heard the Formatt Hitech Filter Holder is supposed to be sturdier than the Lee filter holder. And the price of the Formatt Hitech Filters is a bit lower if I recall correctly..

Michel Nguyen's picture

Formatt Hitech Firecrest now becoming quiet popular in Asia countries as the quality is good and especially the filters do not have color cast. One additional advantage of Hitech is cheaper price compare with Lee.

Lee filters also have good quality, however the The Big Stopper get color cast which means the color will be cooler more than 1000K and your photos will get a little bit "blue". But you can easily adjust in post processing or directly set up white balance in your camera. Finally the price of Lee filters will be one concern.