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Stephen Liang's picture

How is this at Banff?


How's my editing and overall photography?

I've got the following questions:
- What would you do with the wood in the foreground?
-Was the sky saturated right?
-What about the diffraction at F/22?
-Does the composition seem off?

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Aiman Al-Ghazali's picture

I love the composition and the colors.
The only thing I'd say is try to increase the shadows or exposure in the bottom of the photo to bring out the foreground element

Mo Pla's picture

for me it looks like two different pictures. The one on top and the wood.
Diffraction isn't visible.
Switch from portrait to landscape and go with the colors.

The wood for me looks too much like "There must be a foreground included at all cost"

Brian Downs's picture

Copied from my DM response:
"Wild Light" has the most potential. Good balance of exposure between the sky and water. Three things about the image bug me. (1) The exposure across the mountains looks unnatural. The center is 0.5 to 1 stop overexposed. when it should be darkest. (2) The reflection/foreground blend also looks unnatural. Not sure if the mountains and sky were mirrored and then blended with the foreground or if two images were composited together. Something about the saturation so quickly disappearing around the foreground needs to be worked out. (3) Slight halo'ing around the mountains on the right side.

Brian W. Downs