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What do you think?


Another shot I took in Iceland, Plane wreck of an American DC 3 (No one died during this incident in 1973)

I didn't really know what to do with this Image. (It's a composite of 3 Images by the way, there was only one car which I photographed 3 times) I have other shots of this venue where I'm even more clueless^^
Therefore I have the following questions:
-Do you like the action that is going on around the plane or would you prefer a shot without any disturbance?
-Do you think it is over-processed or do you like the look?
-I always fear that I over-sharpen my shots, what do you think in this one?
-Can you see a halo around the plane?
If you have any other issues with this image it would be great if you could address them.

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Brenden King's picture

I like it. I like the motion but I think it is a bit too blurred. I wish there was more definition in the figures so i could easily tell what they were. And yes i can see a slightly blueish halo around the plane and horizon to the right. I dont think that it is over sharpened. Great shot I wish I could go there. The only other thing I might do is play around with th crop a bit.

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Thank you very much for your CC! I just can't get rid of this damn halo.. It's a really cool place, if you ever visit iceland, it's a must-see (;

Brenden King's picture

It isn't much of a halo thing it more of a color thing. Since there isn't much color in it anyway maybe try a B&W I think it will fix the halo and you won't lose much in the way of information.