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Morten Opedal's picture

First landscape attempt. Any critiques?

A 5 bracket photo from Edinburgh. Wondering if I over did something or if I should do something different?

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Morten Opedal's picture

Thanks. Thats good feedback. I took photos of this throughout the sunset so I might have a better starting point without the sun flare.

Barry Townsend's picture

totally agree with Jerry, perhaps you should have taken it with the sun below the horizon, think there is a good shot to be had there.

Ryan Graham's picture

I actually really like what you've done with the HDR. Subjectively, I prefer HDR that is used to reproduce a more natural look, which I think you've done nicely. I really dislike HDR that has no deep shadows.

I think that if there are any (more) objective issues with this photo, it's with the composition. There are lots of lovely elements, which all work well in their own right. But they don't necessarily work great together in creating a clear subject with supporting elements. For me, the hill on the right side is a bit of a distraction. I think a tighter shot, with no hill and less field would give a more pleasing effect.

In my mind, the best shot would have been taken from where that bush on the right is, with no near foreground element. From there, you'd get the shot I just described, with the water being a nice counterbalance to the sun, with some cityscape spanning between the two. To each their own.