The light on the hill

A light above Jerusalem mountains, In a relatively stormy and windy day the sun managed to pop up for only a minute...
Last: May 2, 2021

Lutuvu waterfall

That's a winter waterfall, because it borns when there are strong rains for long time. The spot is not really easy to...

Sunbeams & Sage Grass

Me to God: "You supply the light, I'll supply the photo." My goal was to make it as if you could walk into the scene...

Panorama of Wilsons Prom

Tidal river and mount Oberon at the Wilsons Promontory National Park
Last: April 30, 2021

Turner's Mill

I love juxtaposition between relics of human presence, and the more obscure the better, and nature. This massive wheel...
Last: April 29, 2021

The Red Field

In a windy day just before the sun sets behind the horizon the poppies field light up in their amazing colors
Last: April 29, 2021


A beautiful tree with moss. Bottom view.Mobile photo.
Last: April 28, 2021

The Creek

Springtime in the Columbia River Gorge has been spectacular this year! Between the flowers and flow, there's been some...

Sunset over the Lake

These were taken with a Nikon D500 and the Nikon 16-80mm lens. I very rarely use this lens, not cause there is a...
Last: April 28, 2021

Wilsons Prom Beach

Wlisons Promontory beach panorama showing mount Oberon from overlooking peninsular .
Last: April 28, 2021

The Tree

I made this photo of this magnificent tree over the weekend. it was out by itself in the field with the mountains...

Open Holes

As the dead sea level is receding sink holes are opening up in an unexpected way.
Last: April 27, 2021

Glacier Glow

Glowing glacier mountains of Iceland in the last light
Last: April 27, 2021

Tree ferns in the wild

Tree ferns in the wild in close proximity of the Redwood forest Victoria Australia

cloud over half dome

sun setting on half dome, sept 2017 feedback appreciated
Last: April 26, 2021

Full Bloom

Been revisiting this tree for the past year and was able to catch in full boom. The interesting shape in the trunk and...


I really liked the way that these roots were spreading and disappeared into the rocky landscape around them. I always...

Sunlight Through the Forest Trees

This is a picture of the sunlight shining through the forest trees. When I finished editing this one in lightroom I...

Hill of Dreams - A Work in Progress

Some nice moody fog and dappled light on the hills of of Big Sur. I spent a lot of time on this scene, and this was the...
Last: April 22, 2021

Why people seem to dislike this photo?

Hello everyone, I shot this picture a couple of days ago and edited it carefully (light, twigs that hung into the frame...
Last: April 20, 2021