What do you think?

I just want an honest opinion about this image please
Last: November 25, 2015

Experimenting with composite images

Just looking for a little outside opinion on this one. Does it look too fake? Are my photoshop skills way off? Just...
Last: November 25, 2015

CC Requested

Hi everyone, I've recently made a commitment to myself to improve my photography. With that, I would love some...
Last: November 24, 2015

First snow of 2015

We got our first snow of 2015 today and I have been wanting to re-shoot this scene at a local park. On my first attempt...
Last: November 23, 2015

Is this too "pop"? :)

I'm having troubles finding the right balance for this one because of different monitors. Before I found it too flat...
Last: November 23, 2015

Looking for some CC

This is like a mile from my house. I woke up one morning to this perfect storm and had to get a shot of it! I didn't...
Last: November 22, 2015

Hey guys! Some CC on this?

This is my first post here, so i apologise in advance if I do something wrong. This is an image I took a while ago,...
Last: November 22, 2015

Another Fijian sunset

I hope this is better then before

Sunrise shot

I got out to this area just before sunrise and scouted around. I found this shot and setup to wait for the sunrise.
Last: November 21, 2015

Fijian sunset

I wanted to share a picture I took with my iPhone 5s .. From the coral coast ,Fiji Islands .. Beautiful sunset
Last: November 21, 2015

Mount Cook New Zealand

Hi Guys, this is one of my first posts on fstoppers, and my first post here. This image is a frame from a day to night...
Last: November 20, 2015

Military Museum, Paris

Took this shot of the military museum in Paris, this was the widest i could get (16mm on crop sensor), really liked the...
Last: November 20, 2015


I hate to bring this up because it is not as fun as discussing pictures and often starts arguments. But, I am stuck and...
Last: November 19, 2015

Abstract from above the clouds

Hi guys, Took this shot through the plane window coming back from Paris, the sky looked amazing so i decided to tilt...
Last: November 19, 2015

New in the group and of Fstoppers

Hello everyone, As a passionate of landscape photography I feel like home here ! This is my first post in the group and...
Last: November 19, 2015

The worlds end

Hi, I shot a couple of pictures at sunrise in this small but iconic village in the southern part of Norway called...
Last: November 19, 2015

Ship Rock

Wanted to share this shot I got at sunrise at Shiprock, NM the other day. Would love to hear any critiques!
Last: November 18, 2015

Frustration thy name be photography.

Here in the UK the weather has been horrible this weekend but today its mostly just the wind, not much rain. I had a...
Last: November 17, 2015

New Member

Hi everyone, My name is Diarmuid from Ireland I have just joined F Stopper less than an hour ago, so im just looking...
Last: November 17, 2015

The Golden Hour

This is my first photo in this group. I took this one in La Jolla San Diego, CA.
Last: November 16, 2015