Macro "Landscapes"

Here's a new addition to my collection of macro "landscapes." My goal is to introduce the viewer to the wonderful alien...

Me in Wonderland

Dickson Falls , Fundy NP, NB, Canada
Last: August 4, 2021

The clouds have it!

Here are a couple of shots I took right outside my front door while some thunderstorms were building up a couple of...

As the moon falls

It is these moments in nature that I seek. A very early Sunday morning trip to Little Cottonwood Canyon about an hours...
Last: August 3, 2021

Miniature Landscape

If you look at my page, you'll see what I'm after. I want to make macro shots look like otherworldly landscapes you can...
Last: August 2, 2021

Sea Stacks and Personal Growth

This is a beach sunset in Olympic National Park last month. Fortunately, I was there before the heat wave. Aside from...
Last: August 1, 2021

Claimed by the sea. Karosta, Latvia

This is an old fortification building on the eastern coast of Latvia. What a hypnotic view it was, the enigmatic...
Last: August 1, 2021

Lady of the Forest

I stopped going out to take pictures. I used to say it was because I couldn't go out anymore because of the coronavirus...

late fall in the Sipsey Wilderness

I took this on a backpacking trip in late November. We had just walked down into a canyon that we wanted to explore and...



a wild bird

is it a crane or heron in a lily pad marsh in Peterborough NH
Last: July 30, 2021


An amazing soft light in the afternoon breaks through the clouds and lights up this beautiful valley. South Island, New...

Twilight on the Coast of Oregon

Seascapes are my favorite type of photography. Nothing like some moody light and iconic piles of rock on the Oregon...
Last: July 28, 2021

Which sky is the best?

Hello everybody, would someone take the time and tell me their opinion which of the photos looks best? Tips on how to...
Last: July 26, 2021

Sacred Haven

Here is a beautiful canyon along the west coast of Vancouver Island. In winter, the sun aligns itself with the entrance...
Last: July 25, 2021

A taste of shadows

Kollweiler Germany on another of my journey's through the forest that surround this small village. I haunted such...
Last: July 23, 2021

samphire, Darwin NT

just starting to realise the potential of the sony 200-600 (now that I've got past the mental block of lugging the...

Sireneland (Land of the Sirens)

This is one of my more recent images, but probably the one I am currently most proud of. I recently started my web shop...
Last: July 22, 2021

over the dam after a heavy rain

after heavy rain in southern Peterborough NH at Noone's Falls

after the rain

after the rain at Noone's Falls in Peterborough NH in July