Down at the reservoir -- CC appreciated

I took about an hour to go down to the local reservoir / wildlife management area a few days ago. It's just a short...
Last: July 3, 2021

Last Light on the Bear's Lodge

Bear's Lodge is an Indian name for what most of us know as Devils Tower. Sometimes I do get to places just when God's...
Last: July 3, 2021

St Monans

Finding time to take some photos becomes really difficult in this period( hospitality reopening) but still I’m trying...

Kingdom of mud IV

Fourth shot dedicated to the muddy backdrop of Moncenisio lake,during the dry period in May month. France

The mysterious peak

The summit of Matterhorn/Cervino mountain partially covered by the clouds

Curtains of Light

Good things happen when you get uncomfortable. Getting to this spot was a challenge but it was well worth it.
Last: July 2, 2021


Dramatic misty light breaks through the clouds above snow mountains, it lights up this beautiful autumn foliage. Shot...
Last: June 30, 2021

Sunrise in the Chisos Mountain

I don't get to shoot many sunrises but the few I do shoot always seem to be magical. Shot on Sony A7rii in the Chisos...


Despite recent rain, the water flow at Burrong Falls was disappointing the other day. But I like waterfalls for the...
Last: June 30, 2021

Kentucky Lightning

Anvil Crawler lightning is rare over in Kentucky, last one being in 2019. However, this high humidity night set the...
Last: June 28, 2021

Hasta Forest

I'm brand new to macro photography. I recently bought a Laowa 100mm and a 15mm macro lens. I must say the 15mm macro is...
Last: June 28, 2021

Louisiana Backroads

Picture taken while driving Louisiana backroads. Nikon D500 16-80mm lens
Last: June 27, 2021

The land of light

I really like to photograph vast landscapes, as long as they are accompanied by nice lighting or spectacular weather...

Mississippi Hiking

A couple shots while hiking out in Mississippi. Both shots taken with a Nikon D500 and 16-80mm lens

Green Life

Rich light of morning beams illuminating this Fernland. Shot taken: New Zealand
Last: June 26, 2021

sunset spit

at the mouth of Rapid Creek, Darwin NT

Can you see the Crane?

a wild crane in the marsh in Peterborough NH
Last: June 25, 2021

coke bottle

and sunset over the Arafura Sea (Darwin NT)

turtle on a deadwood tree

turtle on a driftwood tree in the river in peterborough nh

a bird with spring babies

spring bird hatch in peterborough nh