The grandeur of waterfalls

The heat broke today in northern Utah(temporally) with temps in the mid-70s...heaven. Considering that on Saturday we...
Last: July 15, 2021



chilling at the ocean

chilling at the ocean in Maine

ocean waves

ocean waves at the beach in Maine NH

Rise of Ewauna

Here's an image made back in 2018 - the same evening as my quite popular sea stack image with the burning sky, The...

Morning Delight

Took this shot early in the morning at sunrise in a deserted beach. Any critique is hightly appreciated

Raindrops on a Leaf

Lone leaf in a sea of gravel after a summer thunderstorm
Last: July 9, 2021

wild dragonfly

wild dragonfly at rest on a green bush in Peterborough NH


"Vancouver Island doesn't have any mountains." - I've heard this said many times, and not an ounce of it reigns true...

Rain over the dead sea

One of the must amazing experiences I caught during the last spring in Israel is a massive rain storm that hit the dead...
Last: July 6, 2021

Perfect Timing

This Image was made back in 2019, almost to the day. This momentary alignment was pure luck as we had been focusing on...
Last: July 5, 2021

America the beautiful

As we celebrate the 4th of July, I'm reminded of the what boundless treasures reside within our borders. I live in Utah...

Down at the reservoir -- CC appreciated

I took about an hour to go down to the local reservoir / wildlife management area a few days ago. It's just a short...
Last: July 3, 2021

Last Light on the Bear's Lodge

Bear's Lodge is an Indian name for what most of us know as Devils Tower. Sometimes I do get to places just when God's...
Last: July 3, 2021

St Monans

Finding time to take some photos becomes really difficult in this period( hospitality reopening) but still I’m trying...

Kingdom of mud IV

Fourth shot dedicated to the muddy backdrop of Moncenisio lake,during the dry period in May month. France

The mysterious peak

The summit of Matterhorn/Cervino mountain partially covered by the clouds

Curtains of Light

Good things happen when you get uncomfortable. Getting to this spot was a challenge but it was well worth it.
Last: July 2, 2021


Dramatic misty light breaks through the clouds above snow mountains, it lights up this beautiful autumn foliage. Shot...
Last: June 30, 2021

Sunrise in the Chisos Mountain

I don't get to shoot many sunrises but the few I do shoot always seem to be magical. Shot on Sony A7rii in the Chisos...