Hill of Dreams - A Work in Progress

Some nice moody fog and dappled light on the hills of of Big Sur. I spent a lot of time on this scene, and this was the...
Last: April 22, 2021

Why people seem to dislike this photo?

Hello everyone, I shot this picture a couple of days ago and edited it carefully (light, twigs that hung into the frame...
Last: April 20, 2021

Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

As we got off the train from Luzern, Switzerland it was late afternoon as we scampered to find our hotel in...
Last: April 19, 2021

Salzburg Alps - evening sun

Went for a quick hike after work and rushed to the summit to get a picture of the sundown on the village before its...

Lady aurora makes an appearance

After missing out on the aurora and losing out few days of sleep afterward, I finally made it to the park at the right...


I really liked the way that these roots were spreading and disappeared into the rocky landscape around them. I always...


I really like to observe the silver poplar trees and specifically their leaves. Their leaves are green on the one side...
Last: April 18, 2021

Mist of winter

I had searched most of the morning in vain. The world was obscured, the German countryside silent. And just has I about...
Last: April 18, 2021

Spring Robin in a City Street

A Healthy Robin in a tree in the City of Keene NH

alittle snow on Birch and green

fresh spring snow on a birch tree and green plant in southern NH

The Calm After the Storms

Sunset over Lake Pontchartrain in Fontainebleau State Park (South Louisiana) after a week of rain and thunderstorms
Last: April 17, 2021

Last bit of daylight on the pier.

These were taken moments before the last little bit of light from the sun disappeared. The lights on the pier caught my...

Sunset on the south rim of the Grand Canyon

I struggle with the extreme contrasts of this majestic landscape
Last: April 17, 2021

Twilight on the Coast of Oregon

Seascapes are my favorite type of photography. Nothing like some moody light and iconic piles of rock on the Oregon...
Last: April 17, 2021


Here's an image taken back in 2019 while I was live/working in California. Really loved how this one turned out, let me...


On our second day in Torres Del Paine National Park, Bryce and I woke up early in the morning to our first full view of...
Last: April 16, 2021

Grand Canyon Sunset Composite

Three images combined to get the best details as the light changed. One image for the canyon at golden hour, an image...
Last: April 15, 2021

South Louisiana Sunset

Sunset captured from Fontainebleau State Park in South Louisiana.

Stormy Waters

As the predications indicated that a storm was heading towards the coast line I knew it was a good idea to be there...

Against All Odds

A few weeks ago, I was out chasing waterfalls in the NC mountains when I happened to see this single tree clinging onto...
Last: April 12, 2021