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Last: March 25, 2021
Last: April 14, 2021


Like this? Amazing results with amazing talent :) Model: Elene Shiukashvili Photographer: Gary McGillivray-Birnie...
Last: April 14, 2021

A Portrait of a young lady

Using a Broncolor Para 222 as a Beauty Dish. 45 degrees left and slightly elevated from the model at about 7-8 feet...
Last: April 13, 2021

Working from Los Angeles

Photographed in Los Angeles, CA at sunset. For more visit @marcocastrophoto on Insta.
Last: April 13, 2021

Recent Beach Work

Photographed in Miami, FL at sunrise. For more visit @marcocastrophoto on Insta.
Last: April 13, 2021


From my shoot with Nicole Joline in Vienna. We started off in the hotel and then went outside near the museum quarter.
Last: April 10, 2021


Shot in North Miami Beach. First shot since the crazy pandemic started.


For this shoot with Alisa we used 2 outfits and 2 different locations in Dublin. The first was near the docks and the...
Last: April 9, 2021

Kylie with four ponys

Kylie has a great head of hair. We planned a shoot that would celebrate her hair. She let us tease, pull, spray, adorn...
Last: April 7, 2021

Been a long time since I last posted anything. A few images from my last shoot with Sarah.

I wanted to tell a "story". "The Lady of the house" I had some feedback about the background clashing with the models...
Last: April 7, 2021

Lady In Red

One of my favorites from my most recent shoot with a hairstylist who is revamping her website. This was my second shoot...

Blurry Abstract Style

Hey Fstoppers Friends, What do you think of this weird, streaky abstract photography? Hank
Last: April 6, 2021


Portrait of Daria - Moscow 2017
Last: April 6, 2021

Eva Wurzer

From my shoot with Eva Wurzer at Castle Hill in Nice.

First High-Key Attempt

This picture has been taken during my very first high-key series last year. Home studio using two remotely triggered...
Last: April 4, 2021

Between takes

Single light setup for portrait. Between takes I asked her to move her hair a bit, as I continued to shoot.
Last: April 4, 2021


Color gel fun. Background was a plain white wall. Blasted a strobe with a red color gel on the wall, and a blue color...
Last: April 3, 2021

Lauren in window light

Lauren came over for new headshots. When I saw the sweater she was wearing, it reminded me of the giant cardboard box...
Last: March 28, 2021