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Clever Indoor Photography Tips for Beginners

For those of you with a neglected DSLR camera gathering dust on the shelf this is the perfect time to learn some new techniques, like a few basics of still-life photography. Whether you have a dusty DSLR or just a smartphone, this video has some great tips to help beat the self-isolation blues.

With social distancing and self-isolation taking their toll on the mental health of many people around the globe, keeping the brain active and away from the news is becoming more important. In this video — aimed at beginners in product photography— Vienna based commercial photographer, Wolfgang Amri, of Amri Photo, takes the viewer through some fundamentals of studio based, still-life photography by simply shooting an apple on a dark background. The tutorial is presented in a non-technical way and uses everyday household items, so there's no excuse for those of you without the "proper" gear.

The online photography community has been great at putting out content during this worrying time, keeping everyone busy with educational videos and the like. I'll be honest, I'm not bored at all — the kitchen smells vibrant, the garden is looking great, and my photography skills are improving. Aside from the obvious financial strain, how are our readers coping? We would love to hear in the comments below. 

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Chris Fowler's picture

Working from home during business hours; otherwise doing a bit of gardening, a bit of spring cleaning, and more drinking and TV/Youtube/Netflix intake than is otherwise healthy LOL
I like this article because it reminded me of something I told my friend I wanted to try: product photography. I don't have a lightbox, but I do have a few spare neutral-color curtains and a dark garage I could use.

Wolfgang Amri's picture

Thanks a lot for sharing! Much appreciated!!!