David Jackson: Behind the Scenes for Matter

I came across this video the other day by photographer David Jackson out of Appleton Wisconsin. David is a commercial photographer who like most innovative artists shoots primarily on location. Check out his latest behind the scenes video of a promotional shoot he did with Matters: A Design Store with a Cause.

I really find it interesting to see how other photographers work on location especially at night. In David's video he has set up a lot of constant lights to help with the filming but also to help with focusing, composition, and directing. It also looks like he has his portable strobe setup designed well. I'm not the best with the tech talk so if anyone knows what he is using feel free to leave some comments below. I think I spot an apollo softbox by westcott which are really interesting if you have not seen those before.

MATTER: Behind The Scenes from David Jackson on Vimeo.

Check out more work by David at www.davidejackson.com and check out his blog at www.davidejackson.com/blog/

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I really dig Davids work and have been following his blog for a while now... He uses the westcott Apollo softbox, 28" and 50" i think? and hes got several different lights... a Q-flash for sure, and Sunpak 383, and an alien bee or two... super great guy!