Amazing Chase Scene Involving Child May Have Used Special Effects

Residents were understandably alarmed when footage surfaced on the web of a young child running from what appears to be an all-out attack straight out of a Hollywood action movie.

If you were ready to jump into action to defend this poor, little warmly dressed human from an onslaught of attacks from an unknown super villain, you weren't alone. Reports came in from all over about that able adults were gathering together hoping to rescue the precious pink parkour prodigy.

Experts put on their skeptic hats though and began uncovering several similarities to the weapons being used to the tactics found in a number of popular video games involving horizontal running. Forensic specialists also cite the lack of shadows from the supposed crane and proper infrastructure needed for instant vertical crushing columns. There is even a gaggle of weapon dealers pointing out that the unearthing laser cannon is at least five years away from field tests.

After careful analysis and origin theories, it is believed this is an actual video shot by a dad, with special video effects added in post-production. While this may be an unreleased filter or lens being tested out in the wild, my gut tells me this may have involved a skilled artist with a powerful mainframe at his or her disposal.

What do you think?

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Mike Rheault's picture

There’s an app for ios called action movie which has quit a few special effect, not all free.

Deleted Account's picture

Believe it or not it's actually real footage.

Kirk Darling's picture

Nah, I've been to that neighborhood. It's real, all right.

Rob Davis's picture

Is the link dead for anyone else or is it just my companies firewall?

chrisrdi's picture

Preeeeeeeetty sure that laser canon is real. Looks like it was made by Maliwan weapons Mfg.

lee arthur's picture

More like Stark Industries... Maybe Hammer.

JetCity Ninja's picture

nice one, dad.

michael buehrle's picture

looks like chicago in the morning.