Illegal Russian Memes That Poke Fun at Vladimir Putin Prove the Power of Digital Art

Are you a digital artist and feel like having a laugh at the expense of ‘ole Puti’ himself? If you reside in Russia, you may want to tuck those feelings neatly into your pocket and carry on – unless jail-time is appealing to you.

In 2013, a poster created in protest to Russian President, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s stance on sexual liberties and online freedom of speech, received a good deal of attention and was quickly labeled as extremist gay propaganda by the Russian Government. According to reports, the banished image disappeared and to this day, apparently hasn’t surfaced.

According to The Moscow Times, the original poster could have looked something like this:

Luckily when it comes to artful representations of Putin, the internet has prevailed and as a result, we’re left with this collection of illegal Russian memes. Enjoy, you rotten criminals.

While it’s clear that Putin isn’t very supportive of Russia’s digital artists, it’s also clear that the internet remains a valuable means of sharing anything from art and photography, to “gay clown” memes created to strike at the heart of the world’s most powerful individuals. Internet bullying at its finest.

[via So Bad So Good]

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Igor Butskhrikidze's picture

and where it illegal? and how meme can be illegal? +)) and how these "5" pics can prove that "Putin isn’t very supportive of Russia’s digital artists"? +)