Some of the Most Absurd and Expensive Bloopers in Filmmaking History

We've all had mishaps on set, whether that was tripping over a lighting stand or dropping a lens. And while those can certainly be costly mistakes, they pale in comparison to the amount of money in play when something goes wrong on a top-dollar film production. Here are some expensive and hilariously absurd examples of such bloopers.

Coming to you from Looper, this video examines some of the more expensive and bizarre movie bloopers in history. While anachronisms are an especially common issue, I was impressed by the sheer weirdness of some of them. After all, while most of my photographer and videographer friends have some fairly hilarious stories of on-set disasters, I'm pretty sure I've never heard of a contractually obligated mustache causing issues (if you have such a story, you need to share it immediately). Though I've had my share of mishaps that either made me laugh or my wallet just a bit lighter (I stubbed my toe really hard during a shoot once, but I managed to soldier on), I certainly don't have any that compare to that. Do you have any bizarre or expensive mistakes that make for a good story in hindsight? Share them in the comments! 

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ron fya's picture

God ... I imagine the head of the VFX supervisor receiving a mail like "ok we need to remove Superman's beard during 5 minutes ... oh yeah and Bond's gloves too, but that one's easy cause it's in the dark". That's what I would call a "slave job of dumbassery".

Justin Rosenberg's picture

As my mom would say, Oy vey.

Lukas Juzenas's picture

We had a war scene and two land minesto blow up. We shot different angles and on the last one master frame, the land mine exploded the guy was shooting machine gun hand held and then it stuck, catching guys coat on the disaster;))