Thinking on Your Feet With a Random Prop Challenge

When it comes to photography, it is ultimately a creative endeavor, and in my opinion, creativity is like a muscle. While photography with Easter grass and jockstraps isn't exactly practical, in this new video by The Creative Contrast, we can see how out of the box thinking can create engaging images with almost anything.

I'm a big fan of the idea of obstructions creating new paths to creativity. There is a fantastic documentary by Lars Von Trier called "5 Obstructions" that looks into the idea of obstructions breeding creativity. In this video, we see the dynamic duo take to the dollar store to buy props for each other in an attempt to flex those photo muscles. 

While this isn't exactly the most practical of ideas, it is a great creative exercise to work on those creative muscles. It does feel like the more someone attempts to be a creative, the more creative they can be; much like working out at a gym, creativity is like a muscle in that you have to keep working hard in order to get better at it. 

What do you think? Is creativity an innate thing that some people have or a cultivated skill? Would you have done anything differently with these props?

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jonboy london's picture

Guys... stop using plastic bags!!!