Want to Go Viral? Here's How to Retouch a Portrait Like That Internet Sensation

Unless you've been completely off Internet for the past 24 hours, you'll have already seen the amazingly unique retouching skills of a portrait photographer in Missouri. While there is speculation on whether this is real or some kind of publicity stunt, one thing is clear: the photos are hilarious. Someone was bound to create a how-to at some stage, and thankfully, one of our favorite YouTube Photoshop wizards, Antti Karppinen, was quick on the draw. Pun intended.

Karppinen's tone at the start of the video borders between incredulity and his usual deadpan delivery, as he quickly summarizes why he is about to step undertake this technique. From drawing outlines with a black brush around the eyes, lips, and teeth (yes, I know) to evening the skin tones too much with the Mixer Brush that the poor man in the photo looks like your typical out-of-focus footage of Bigfoot, Karppinen takes us on a surreal journey. At the end of the video, he probably rightly surmises that this is going to be a bit of a trend for a while and again plays devil's advocate by asking the viewer if they think the photos are real or a hoax. So, while I'm off to watch the video again and ruin some of my own family portraits, why don't you let us know in the comments below what you think of the video and this whole situation. Real or fake? 

[via Antti Karppinen]  

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Lee Morris's picture

Thanks, I wasn’t good enough to pull this off but now I’m ready to take my business to the next level.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

Haha I can't wait to see it

Mary Klassen's picture

This tutorial will really help me up my portrait game. Thx

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Anonymous's picture


David Hynes's picture

Finally, a tutorial where I can learn something...about time Fstoppers.

William Fong's picture

great way to teach cyber bullying and public shaming~~ stay classy fstoppers

michael andrew's picture

Woah woah woah buddy, the photographer charged $250 for the work she delivered. That’s a professional fee. We are not laughing a a little
Girls dance routine, this is by far the most outlandish product delivery of all time and you are talking about “cyber bullying” like it even relates. If you can’t take criticism as a professional artist then what’s the point. It’s not like this was personal work she delivered this to a paying customer who then shared it obviously because it was absolutely insane.

Gabrielle Colton's picture

OH GOD yesss I was hoping for a tutorial. THANK you this is hillarious

Daniel Rodriguez's picture

Techniques are way too advanced for me.

james aitcheson's picture

geeze I think this retouching technic might actually allow me to charge more.....lol :P

Keith Myers's picture

This YouTuber really dropped the ball here. There's no possible way the photographer created any layers let alone used a color correction one. Come on Fstoppers - can we get an accurate tutorial on this technique?