What Is Sharp Thinking With Its New 8K Camera?

At CES 2019, Sharp is displaying a prototype which they claim will be the world's first prosumer 8K camera. Interesting, sure — but why? Have a look at this video for a humorous view of the situation.

Warning: This video contains some profanity and a heavy dose of satire. 

Camera Conspiracies has managed to make me chuckle out loud again, this time by roasting Sharp over their latest foray into the world of cameras. It's a weird one, because even though Sharp announced another world first back in 2017 — a professional grade 8K camcorder — they haven't produced a prosumer camera in what seems to be well over a decade. And the company's lack of experience in the field manifested itself in a rather awkward interview at CES 2019 with one of its executives. Granted, it's probably not a reflection on the quality of the camera itself, but worth noting anyway. 

With a micro four-thirds CMOS sensor, it's hardly going to be much good in low light, and its projected price tag of around $5,000 isn't exactly the most competitive price for a pocket cine-camera, especially when considering Blackmagic's pocket 4K camera price tag of $1,295. Yes, it will have four times the resolution of Blackmagic's, but who needs 8K? I still don't even own a 4K monitor or TV. Sure, it has a huge 5" articulating screen, which might negate the need to buy an expensive external monitor, but vloggers certainly won't need it. A quick look at Sharp's website, however, and one will see that this is part of a larger push to produce an "8K Ecosystem built upon 8K-related equipment". Everything considered, this might be a good move for Sharp. They don't have quite the same photographic pedigree of the other big names, even though they used to produce some decent camcorders back in the day, but it seems to have identified an entry point for itself. This camera might not blow people's socks off, but it could be the start of something bigger. What do you think?   

The release date is yet to be announced.

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David Penner's picture

I got about a minute into watching one of his videos once.

Joshua Champion's picture

I got two and a half minutes in but only because I left it playing while I was doing something else.

David Penner's picture

Every so often I wake up in the middle of the night to a YouTube video playing on my laptop. For some reason it will come out of sleep and start playing videos. If this was the video I heard when waking up I'd have nightmares.

John Priest's picture

Love this guys Raw and funny views on cameras from a youyubers prospective! Check out his other camera videos. Super funny!

marcgabor's picture

This is the most surreal trippy video fstoppers has ever posted.

michaeljin's picture

I'm thinking that they're going to end up like Sega with the Dreamcast... too early to market.

Spy Black's picture

I like that Sharp is shaking up the market with a cheap 8k camera. Unfortunately in order to keep the price down all camera controls will be through the touch screen. That's really gonna suck. Hopefully it will start a market of decently priced 8k cameras with more tactile control surfaces.

Christian Lainesse's picture

this guy makes me want to switch to a raw meat diet

David Flower's picture

The low light will actually be incredible since it uses quad bayering. It's the same technology Sony(the Sharp camera is a Foxcon device with a Sony sensor) uses for the smartphone 48 megapixel cameras.

Sidney M's picture

Someone should explain to him that satire doesn't really work if the teller looks insane anyway....