What Will Camera Reviewers Talk About While There Are No New Releases?

Everyone is doing their best at coming up with clever ways to teach photography and editing techniques from inside their homes, and there's some great content being put out there by the photography community. But please spare a thought for creators like this one, who rely heavily on news and updates from camera manufacturers for their content.

It's days like these that we need humor the most, so thank the gods for creators like Camera Conspiracies. In this video, he breaks down what he thinks manufacturers need to make and what he predicts they will try. He touches on the weird, heavy contrast video quality from Canon's EOS R, as well as his fondness its superior autofocus. But, as he explains, camera nerds are about to get really bored.  

Indeed, everyone has been looking forward to the release of the Fuji X-T4 and the absolute beast that Canon is about to drop, the EOS R5. The X-T4 was set to be released in April, but that seems to be up in the air for obvious reasons. While the R5 announcement is set for May, the release date, previously scheduled for some time in the summer, might be pushed back further.

Despite the lack of releases and uncertainty in the industry, Camera Conspiracies still manages to create engaging and entertaining videos. Here's hoping he stays inside, safe, and hilarious.

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George Boyle's picture

I've been watching his videos now for about a year. Every now and then he likes to bring out the Canon Cripple Hammer....Hilarious!

David Pavlich's picture

Shows how human nature is so widely ranged. I'd rather watch 10 Fro videos and 20 Tony/Chelsea videos than this guy. Nails on a chalk board personality. But, that's just me.

00rob00 Rob00Rob's picture

Maybe give up and let photographers write and review instead