Will Canon's R5 Pass the Cripple Hammer Test?

With the development announcement for Canon's next mirrorless camera, the R5, many are debating whether or not this will be the company's attempt to usurp the mirrorless throne. Of course, Sony has been the mirrorless king for the last few years now, but will the R5 withstand the legendary might of the Canon Cripple Hammer?

One could almost feel the seething rage coming from Canon's board room when Camera Conspiracies first introduced us to the might of the Cripple Hammer — shining a light on Canon's relatively recent feature withholding strategy. They've become notorious for ring-fencing normally basic universal features, such as 24 fps video, much to the dismay and borderline contempt of its customers. But Camera Conspiracies feels that the announcement of the R5 has a different feel to it. Maybe it's Canon's time to strike a blow to the Cripple Hammer?

Jokes aside, the video does bring up some interesting points. One of the most intriguing features — and a pertinent point of the video — is that of in-body image stabilization, a first for Canon. Hopefully, they avoid the use of heat-sensitive dairy products in their new system. Finally, for the love of the hammer Gods, I just hope that Canon doesn't limit the frame rate to 30fps. That would be certain to draw the ire of the Cripple Hammer. Either way, I Iook forward to the eventual release of detailed specifications just to see this battle play out on YouTube.

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I have to admit, I do enjoy Kasey's channel and his sense of humor.

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Not sure what drugs the guy consumes, but I want some of them 😂

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I think the "drug" is his Vegan diet garnished with a good amount of bacon. (https://www.youtube.com/user/canadianwargod)

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Isn't Canon force to cripple their system because of the C100 and C300?