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Los Angeles Street Photographer Hunts for Light to Create Dramatic Imagery

What makes one street photographer any greater than the other? Is it the streets which they frequent? Is it a matter of being in the right place at the right time? Or is the answer more about perspective and the people who fill the streets? Remarkable Street Photographer Rinzi Ruiz opens up about the inspiration behind his stunning street photography.

Southern California based photographer, Rinzi Ruiz produces edgy and artful images that capture aspects of day-to-day life in a way that breathes life into moments that may otherwise be mundane. He’s able to do this partly because of the astute attention he gives to light, explaining in the interview that he mainly focuses his attention on light and the varying qualities that present themselves. By doing so, he uses shadows and highlights in combination with timing and judgment to create stunning and dramatic images.

“The opportunity is presented to you. You can do with it what you will” says, Ruiz. It appears to be his optimistic and open-minded outlook that keeps him supplied with subject matter.

Ruiz also explains that his environment has influenced his style, expounding that had he developed his skills somewhere like Seattle, Washington, where it’s known to be cloudy and raining more often than not, his images and what he looks for to create the ones he’s known for now, may ultimately be very different.

[via Street Shootr]

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