Amazing Hyperlapse Through Paris Is Pure Eye Candy

There are times when taking in something beautiful is good for the soul, such watching kittens attack shoelaces, bacon sizzle on a camping stove, "The Empire Strikes Back," or this ridiculous hyperlapse of Paris.

Created by the cinematography and editing team, Сonstantine Konovalov and Irina Neustroeva, “Paris Day & Night” is just about as pretty a five-minute distraction as you could ever hope for. Have you watched a million time-lapse videos? Me too. I just never get sick of the awesome ones. And folks, this is pretty epic.

What makes it even more fun is the behind-the-scenes blog post that details the team’s approach to capturing this Goliath time-lapse. “Altogether, we shot every day, from one to ten small episodes of 2-4 seconds,” the blog post reads. “To shoot this video clip, it took us about 40 days in total, but time in a time-lapse is measured in another way. All the shooting took place in Paris itself and we spent three months there (from October to January).”

But, don’t leave it at just that. Get the full scoop on the gear, the planning, and the rest of the process over on their blog

The soundtrack also contributes to the excellent vibe, thanks to creator Fab Martini. You can pick up the tracks on iTunes if you'd like.

All in all, it’s a pretty excellent and inspiring video. I sure needed it today.

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Nasser Ali's picture

Thanks so much Adam for sharing this with us. Loved watching it. Such videos make us always inspired.

Tawts Stawks's picture

It's good. It'd be better if the music was better and if they didn't use the fake tilt-shift here and there. I honestly don't understand why people like to do this fake tilt-shift thingies, it's the timelapse equivalent of putting a huge dark vignette in photography.