HAZMAT Surfing Video Predicts a Dangerous Future for Our Oceans

Earlier in the week, we shared Michael Dyrlands, HAZMAT Surfing photo series. To recap, HAZMAT Surfing is a photo series that gives a futuristic look at what surfing could be like twenty to twenty-five years down the road and spreads awareness of our oceans contamination. Dyrland came up with the idea after he was unable to enter the water on a trip to LA because of ten billion gallons of run off that had polluted the ocean after an evening of heavy rain. Dyrland has now released a video version of HAZMAT Surfing, which continues to spread awareness of the contamination of our oceans.

With incidents like the EPA’s recent Colorado River mishap and the inevitability of a major oil spill happening, spreading environmental awareness is more important than ever. As photographers and videographers, we have the tools and skills to help share this awareness with the world. Whether it is a personal project or a large scale operation, I love seeing projects with a strong environmental message behind them. I personally have a deep love for the ocean and my continued thanks to Dyrland and his crew for their efforts to promote awareness. If you are interested in finding out more about HAZMAT Surfing you can check out Dyrland Productions or view his work on Facebook.

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