Interview With a Professional Landscape and Travel Photographer

Tom Archer has been able to turn his passion for travel and the outdoors into a full-time career. In this video, he discusses his professional journey and the things that shaped his photographic style — sharing some quality tips along the way.

As we find out in this interview from The School of Photography, Archer is not only a successful landscape photographer — having amassed over 130K followers on Instagram — he's also a very accomplished wedding photographer, showcasing some really stunning imagery from that genre too on his website. His path to becoming a professional hasn't been a straightforward one, and this long, deep-dive interview has bits and pieces that a lot of us can relate to and more that we can learn from. Making money as a landscape photographer is quite difficult, so Archer's perspective is well worth a listen.

I especially appreciate this long-form, off-the-cuff style interview. It allows the viewer to get a better idea of the photographer's personality and photographic philosophy. Something he talks about, which has seen a resurgence in popularity over the last decade and is something that I would like to incorporate into my own photography is his use of people to add a sense of scale. It also allows the viewer to place themselves into his scenes — imagining what it would be like to travel there. Naturally, this method is very appealing to brands who wish to generate engaging content.

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