Introducing the 10 Minute Photography Rule

There are a lot of "rules" in photography, but the best ones are self-imposed that have the sole purpose of improving how you work with a camera in your hand. This rule is new to me, and it's definitely going to get used next time I'm out with my camera.

I don't want to spoil what the 10-minute photography rule is; James Popsys deserves your views to learn about it, but I do want to discuss a concept he may or may not have coined as micro-lazy. That is, you're not lazy when it comes to going to interesting locations or walking for miles on end to get to the right vantage point, however, you are lazy at a smaller level. The example Popsys gives is when he walks up and down Snowdon in Wales and doesn't take his camera out as often as he should.

I suffer from this mindset too and to a ridiculous degree. In fact, I noticed that I would lug around kilograms and kilograms of camera equipment with me on days out, and sometimes not ever reach into the bag and pull the camera out. The way I got around this was by buying a better strap for my camera and then wearing it like a sling so that taking a snapshot wasn't any effort at all. As you can see, Popsys has his mounted on his bag strap for ease of access. The 10-minute rule aims to overcome this and I can certainly put it to use.

Are you micro-lazy when it comes to photography? If so, how does it manifest itself?

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Graham Glover's picture

I get it, I understand it. I got through maybe five minutes of the video.

Whether I'm shooting nature, or formerly the street, my camera is out when I arrive at the location and remains out until I return to my car or subway station, or to my front door if I'm shooting in the neighborhood. I never know what I'll see even in the final seconds. There's always something that intrigues me. Were I to "violate" the 10-minute photography rule, I doubt I would notice. There will eventually be something intriguing in front of me.

Fwiw, in the video there were shots I would have taken that he didn't. It's a great location! Maybe they wouldn't have been worth showing to others, but I'd have taken them anyway. That's just me. If the 10-minute photography rule helps someone, excellent! I just find many things to be amazing, and for that I'm grateful.

J.d. Davis's picture

Novel concept: Basketball imposes a penalty if you fail to take the shot in so many photography shouldn't you take the shot when the time is right?

john sabljak's picture

There should be an article writing rule. If you're not going to write about the subject video, you shouldn't write an article.

Michael Harris's picture

youtube click bait once again