Landscape Photographer Shares About His Gorgeous Images Shot in Iceland

Iceland is one of the more popular locations for landscape photographers due to its huge range of absolutely gorgeous landscapes and unique beauty. From its magnificent black sand beaches, roaring waves, to the auroras and majestic mountains, they all help to make stunning images.

I personally have never been there but from the many images I've seen of it, it's definitely on my photography bucket list. Here in this video, landscape photographer Nigel Danson shares on how he uses different elements of the landscape to compose and capture his images during his recent trip to Iceland. The results are beautiful.

This video is episode 2 of his Iceland series that has not been fully uploaded. In both videos he shares the importance of perseverance and staying in one location to capture that special image. He also talks about the many aspects that makes the compositions of one of his final images.

If you are into landscape photography, I recommend checking his videos and website out! Even if you aren't into landscape I still absolutely recommend watching this. We live in such a gorgeous world and to see it displayed in this way can really be a source of inspiration for anyone who is working behind the camera and who has an appreciation for the arts, lights, colors, and just general natural beauty. 

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Dana Cole's picture

Great article Shavonne !
Have never heard of Nigel until now and I am a new fan :D

James Alexander Adams's picture

Hvalnes Lighthouse. 64.404331, -14.543768

Dave Hayford's picture

I have been for a while now a subscriber to Nigel......his videos are most always informative and enlightening.