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Is Landscape Photography the Hardest Genre to Vlog?

Vlogging is a common marketing tool or additional creative outlet for many photographers, and perhaps for none more so than landscape photographers. In this video, cinematographer and photographer Mikey McManus takes a more objective approach to analyzing a landscape photography vlog.

Here, McManus uses a particular comment about b-roll on a video by landscape photography vlogger Gary Norman to illustrate why it might be worth considering just how difficult it is to film a video alone in the wilderness before reacting negatively. He uses his knowledge of narrative formulas and practical experience to break down the possible reasons for the perceived lack of variation in styles of these YouTube videos.

With the wealth of landscape photography vlogs on YouTube today, one would think that there would be many alternative approaches, but on reflection, they all come across as being quite similar to one another — one might say formulaic. Formulaic, however, has a negative connotation, implying that they are unoriginal. But as McManus rightly points out: what else are they supposed to do? The difference has to come from the creator's ideas, opinions, and personality. Indeed, the rest is just filler. To use an Irish idiom: it's easy to be a "hurler in the ditch" rather than put yourself out there.

What about our readers? Do you have issues with the use of b-roll in landscape photography vlogs?

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Tony Northrup's picture

It's hard, but fun and rewarding. Lots of opportunity for timelapses, gorgeous nature & wildlife B-roll, wide drone shots, tracking shots as you move from place to place, storytelling as you struggle, packing your bags, etc. It's way more compelling than, "Hey guys we're in the studio today shooting..."

Mike McNeil's picture

Sure its fun Tony but it does get dull watching the same thing over and over again. I can only watch someone walking toward the camera at ground level then walking away from it just so many times before I click to another video only to see it all over again. It,s a bit like watching the same ad over and over again like square space ads for instance. Imagine having only one advertiser on television running the same ad over and over, one tends to get tired of it very quick. If something is constantly being bombarded at me then I turn away from that product/video and remove myself from that channel, kinda like I did with your channel because of the same ad over and over. I also let the company in that ad know that they have now alienated me from their product or service because of it.