Mistakes Beginner Landscape Photographers Make With Camera Settings

In landscape photography, a single scene can yield vastly different images simply by how you choose your camera settings. As such, this is a place where a lot of things can go awry. If you are new to landscape work, this helpful video tutorial will show you some common mistakes beginner landscape photographers make with their camera settings and how to fix them to create more effective images. 

Coming to you from Mark Denney, this awesome video tutorial discusses some common mistakes new landscape photographers make with their camera settings and what you can do to avoid or fix them. One I often notice is blurring foliage around moving water. Using an ND filter to achieve a slow shutter speed to render moving water as more uniform and smooth filaments is a popular choice. If there are trees or plants in the frame but not much wind, there is not much to worry about, but if there is wind, the foliage can end up a blurred and ill-defined mess. Be careful to watch for wind and consider taking separate exposures with and without the ND filter and compositing them in post if necessary. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Denney.

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