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Is This the Only Filter System You'll Ever Need?

Accessories for cameras have improved in both quality and function over the last decade or so, but perhaps not as quickly as other areas of equipment. This new filter system, however, aims to overcome a lot of the irritants around stacking filters.

When I first started photography I had a weird relationship with filters. For a while, I didn't touch them, primarily because I didn't understand them. Then eventually I bought my first — a cheap CPL — as I had read it could make long exposures of water look better. When it did in fact improve my image, I started buying a ton of different filters and experimenting. Almost all of them were worthless (I'm looking at your starburst filter) but a few had applications. As the years went on, I invested in better filters that I had specific uses for and they have always done what I needed.

However, I have lots of dislikes for filters. Many systems are cumbersome, graduated NDs can be annoying to fix if you don't have a straight horizon, and stacking filters has its own set of problems. For example, if you don't stack them properly, you can get diffraction or softness, and stacking properly can be tricky unless they are designed to do so. In videography this becomes simultaneously more important and more tricky too. This system reviewed by Peter Lindgren looks to be a neat solution.

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Marc F's picture

The only filters I use (beside the UV filter for lens protection) are:

- Wratten #87, 87A, 87B, 87C, 88, 88A, 89B, and their equivalent B&W RG695, RG715, RG9, Hoya R72, RM90, etc. None of them pass visible light.

- Wratten #12, 15, equivalent OG590

I also have light yellows, green X0, X1, Wratten #21, 25, 29, 58, 70, and soft portrait filters. I never used polarizer, nor ND filters (I haven’t yet do cinematography).

Mike Shwarts's picture

I figured it was hype before opening the video, and found that to be true when he opened the case. Where is the graduated ND filter?

Ed C's picture

How does admittedly getting paid to present something = reviewing?

Malcolm Wright's picture

Given the number of rave reviews, I'll wait at least a couple of years to see what a lot more people think of them..
Wonder how well the magnets will hold up.