Something Different: A Quick Landscape Photography Session

I love landscape photography, both for its subject matter and its meditative quality. Undertaking it requires serious commitment of time and resources, however, or so it may seem. This great video highlights what's possible with just a little time and a short walk.

Landscape photography is a wonderful pursuit, but it's easy to fall into thinking that it requires you to commit days of time while traveling to faraway places. And while there's certainly much to be gained from visiting some of the most photogenic locations on the planet, the genre does not happen exclusively in those select few places. That's why I appreciated this video from Thomas Heaton so much. In it, he takes a short, local walk (just an hour) on a pretty drab day, but still comes away with a nice image. It's also a great exercise for one's eye. Instead of pursuing some grand view atop a mountain or the like, he creates a lovely image out of an otherwise pretty normal scene. I think it's an especially relevant video for those of us that live in places not known for their views, but that still afford such scenery (hello, Ohio). Take an hour and try it out for yourself today! 

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Gary Randall's picture

Thomas Heaton's videos are excellent.

Elan Govan's picture

Thank you Alex....yes...done this types of country walk many a time. Wet and miserable...very familiar and lots of images to show for it.

Anonymous's picture

Maybe Northern Ohio isn't known for its views but, here in Southwest Ohio, we have grand vistas, dramatic seascapes, soaring mountains, endless sand dunes, and rainforests, dripping with moss. After you leave the Taft Museum of Art, you can check out the local wildlife at the Cincinnati Zoo! ;-)

Alex Cooke's picture

LOL! Hard to believe I've lived in Ohio so long and never heard of any of that. :-P