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The Unique Creative Photo Opportunities Hiding in the Forest

Landscape photography often deals with wide views that stretch for miles, but there is an entirely different world waiting to be photographed deep inside the forest. This great video shows some of the unique creative opportunities you can find in the forest and how you might go about capturing them.

Coming to you from Simon Baxter, this neat video will show you some of the unique images awaiting you in a forest. The thing I love about forest photography is the way it challenges you in a different way from normal landscape work. Whereas most frames in traditional landscape work have space to move and leave you a lot of room in which to find a clean and compelling composition, forests are dense and intimate and rarely afford you a simple, isolated subject. This seriously challenges your compositional abilities and calls for a different approach to making images. For example, where you would rarely use a wide aperture for a normal landscape shot, you might take advantage of a narrow depth of field to help simplify what might otherwise be a busy frame. It's a very different and rewarding subgenre. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Baxter. 

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