No Charges for Deputy Who Shot Photographer After Mistaking Camera Equipment for a Gun

Deputy Jacob Shaw, who shot Photographer Andy Grimm after mistaking his tripod for a gun, will not face any criminal charges. A grand jury declined to bring charges against the deputy earlier today.

The grand jury document was released today:

After due consideration of the above case the Special Grand Jury returned NO BILL(s), regarding the on duty shooting by Deputy Jacob Shaw of Andrew Grimm and the surrounding circumstances. After due consideration of the above case the Grand Jury returned a NO BILL(S) and Deputy Shaw is discharged.

Though he will not face criminal charges, Deputy Shaw will now be the subject of an administrative investigation by his department. He's currently working under reassignment at the Clark County Jail. 

Grimm's lawsuit is also still being pursued, and thus, both the sheriff's office and Grimm declined any meaningful comment on the grand jury's decision today. You may remember that lawyers are attempting to blame Grimm, saying his "negligence" and "assumption of risk" were to blame for his injuries. Shaw's body cam footage (warning: the footage is not graphic, but may be distressing) shows the deputy relaying license and insurance information relating to a traffic stop before quickly exiting his car and shooting Grimm (who had stopped across the street) without any warning. The footage does not show Grimm's actions before being shot, though he does say he tried to make the deputy aware of his presence by flashing his lights and waving at him.

Lead image by Pixabay user qimono, used under Creative Commons.

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So if you like to shoot (guns) at people, instead of choosing crime, go to the police forces : you will get immunity. America, you never cease to amaze me.

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You know what ceases to amaze me? That your ignorant, anti-American post, neglects to mention that America has provided you with most of the technology you use, including this website. Oh and let's not forget that if it wasn't for America you would be licking Hitler's boots. Now go bake some bread.

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I might just be a dumb Australian but pretty sure it was an Englishman -- Tim Berners-Lee that invented the world wide web, And if it wasn't for Alan Turing and team that broke the Enigma Code the war would have been gone on a lot longer than what it was. D-Day was made up of troops from the UK, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Greece, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland and Czechoslovakia. And while you all think D-Day was Omaha beach, there was Juno, Gold, Sword, Utah and Pointe du Hoc.

Ironic you say "you would be licking Hitlers Boots". It was the U..S that created the 38th parallel which is now North and South Korea and it was the U.S what decided to let Stalin enter Berlin 1st and was the catalyst for the Cold War.

Oh and yes american cops are trigger happy. Look at the case of Justine Damond - an unarmed white women shot dead by Minnesota Police for "daring" to walk (unarmed) to a police car. The justification for the shooting? They heard a loud noise.

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"That cop is probably more Somali than American."

Any facts you're basing this assumption on? He's an American citizen born in Somalia. What makes him less American and more Somali?

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It's un-American to question a fellow citizen's patriotism based solely on their country of birth.

Shame on you. You disgrace the ideals of our country.

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No I replied exactly to what you said. You are making an assumption about a person’s patriotism based on where they were born. It’s disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself.

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I’ll choose what I need, and I feel fine.

Your bigoted statements are repulsive and stand against what it means to be an American. Discriminating against a legal citizen because of where they were born? Sick.

And yes, a person’s patriotism can be questioned based on their actions and statements, which is why I question yours. Think twice before you call others anti-American if you can’t live up to our country’s ideals yourself.

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Dance around this all you want, with your false views and illegal immigration straw man, but you’ve shown yourself to be an unpatriotic bigot.

You assumed a man was not a patriotic American because he was born in Somalia.

Shameful and disgraceful.

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The man you discriminated against is a legal US citizen, so I won’t engage in your weak and cowardly effort to direct the conversation to illegal immigration and away from your bigoted comment.

That you assume him to be probably unpatriotic because of where he was born shows how shamefully unAmerican you are.

This is a new low and shows your true colors. You truly disgust me.

Unless you plan on an apology there is no reason to respond.

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I’ve clearly stated why I am not addressing your straw man illegal immigration argument. Read what I wrote.

And I called your remark an assumption from the beginning, and used the word multiple times. Either you’re disengenious or you have serious reading comprehension issues.

Further, there are assumptions of probability. That is a statistical concept, not a grammatical trainwreck, but I can see it’s beyond your mental capacity.

Bigotry and stupidity often go hand in hand, so that makes sense.

Put simply, your original statement is vile and unAmerican, and if you have the capacity to do so, you should be ashamed of yourself.

I have nothing more to say to you here. I now know a good deal about the type of person you are, and it disgusts me.

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I can not stay quiet. Who are you to think I am not American?! I am an AMERICAN. I was born in Somalia, but I came here for freedom and I worked hard to make a good life and I love America for that. Do you know me, my family, my community? No. You preach intolerance and hate.

You are wrong to think that we are not Americans first. We are proud American citizens. Get over that!

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Then how dare you think I am "probably" more Somali than American! I am a citizen just like you. That is intolerance. I am free to practice my religion in peace here and am very happy that you do not make the laws in this country.

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You insult my native country, my religion, and me. You are filled with hate. It blinds you to the fact that in the eyes of the law we are equals here in America, which is what makes this country so wonderful.

I forgive your hate, and I feel sorry for you. I hope you get better, fellow citizen.

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My home is America now. Your sickness and threats do not scare me. I have faced real danger and I know you as a sad coward behind your keyboard.

You are deranged. I will pray for you. But I will not subject myself to your hatefulness here any longer.

Goodbye and good luck dealing with your sickness.

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This is the problem, troll, you just say stuff without knowing what you're talking about.

The internet started as the Advanced Research Projects Administration(ARPANET) was an early packet switching network and the first network to implement the protocol suite TCP/IP. Both technologies became the technical foundation of the Internet. The ARPANET was initially funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the United States Department of Defense.

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Oh, that's cute, the troll believes I want a dialogue.

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Stfu troll.

I'm not at all interested in a day long argument with you.

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Not interested in having an argument, troll.

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Cop shoots someone... I thought____________ was a gun. Charges dropped.

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You all sound super smart here. Using big words and such, on a comment section, on a tiny island, in the middle of the Internet ocean. Let’s be nice.

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You don't need to be holding a camera...hold a phone while on your own property. I hear you can get shot up pretty good for that too.

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You again....

Dude, I've told you at least two times now on different threads that I'm AMERICAN. I have lived in four different countries, including Canada and guess what?? there is B.S. everywhere. Don't make this about the USA alone. Have a nice Saturday.

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He's questioned your allegiance to America twice before? Disgusting.

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LOL... He likes talking smack but I like him ;-)

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"His location is Canada so likely Canadian"

Leigh from three posts earlier: "Dude, I've told you at least two times now on different threads that I'm AMERICAN"

Americans can live abroad for a variety of reasons and still retain their allegiance to America.

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I don't know if you read the news...Canada is ranked one of the best countries to live in. Who would claim to be American if they weren't?

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The cops were "scared for their life" so that justifies why 20 bullets were needed to shoot the poor kid in Sacramento.

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Where did all the other posts go?

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This sets a bad precedent as cops can legally shoot anyone and say: I thought his ________ was a gun, so it's ok, it's legal for me to shoot anyone holding anything.