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Comprehensive Guide to Capturing Powerful Portraits

On the lookout for some portrait tips and techniques? Well look no further, sit back and check out this well paced, information packed presentation on just that.

In my humble opinion Sony Global Imaging Ambassador Mark Galer runs a gem of a YouTube channel, and in this recent video he showcases a value packed one-hour presentation style movie. What is covered is a subject that rests near and dear to my photography loving heart, the art of capturing powerful portraits. This is a great one to have bookmarked as you may want to revisit the many useful sections in the future. It’s all here to digest, backed up by some truly captivating portrait work.

Galer tends to photograph his portraits with tight framing that showcase expressive pin sharp eyes, highlighting his subjects via soul exposing portraiture. He covers his composition technique, utilizing the golden ratio, and utilizing both depth of field and purposeful lighting to create figure and ground separation through differential focus and exposure. Careful thought is placed into camera settings, for instance a desired minimum shutter speed of 1/160 s is typically dialed to ensure that when combined with Sony’s in-body image stabilization, the moment is not missed due to either his or his subject's motion blur.

Sit back, grab the beverage of your choice, and enjoy the this well done photography presentation. Chances are you won’t regret it.

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