Four Clueless Photographers Trapped in Escape Rooms With 90 Minutes To Create the Perfect Image

What is the greatest challenge you faced on a photoshoot? Your answer may very well include time pressure, an annoying art director, lack of gear, unknown locations, and much more. This is exactly what Profoto did to some four photographers who were asked to only take their camera to a secret location. 

There are four photographers involved. Erik Johansson strives to bring surrealism into his work. Martina Wärenfeldt creates magazine-style fine art portraits. David Bicho is a light guru who can create any light anywhere. Molly Baber is a conceptual photographer who brings drama and feminine power to her images. 

With four different tasks to complete, each will race to create an image under the harshest conditions a photographer may find themselves in. Erik will have to create an epic image of a male model. Martina has to capture the character of a bright young magician who is in jail. David is tasked to mix his light with lasers and take an action-packed talent shot. Lastly, Molly will have only 90 minutes to transport her to the 1940s and create a dramatic yet classical hotel portrait. 

Naturally, each of the four photographers knows light inside out and has experience being in different situations over the years; however, Profoto says that even pros like Molly, David, Martina, and Erik found the challenges to be, well, challenging. So, who escaped and who failed? Check out Profoto’s website!

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Great idea! And the result in the first video is impressive.