How to Create High-Key Portraits With a Mix of Natural and Constant Light

The high-key look is quite popular in a variety of applications, as it produces a bright, punchy image that instantly draws the viewer's eye to the subject. You do not always need powerful strobes to achieve it, however. In fact, you can do it with nothing more than natural light from a window and a constant LED source, and this excellent video tutorial will show you how it is done. 

Coming to you from Lindsay Adler with Adorama TV, this awesome video tutorial will show you to create a high-key portrait using just window light combined with a constant LED source. To do this, Adler uses the window as a key light. She then places the white side of a v-flat behind her subject and fires an LED into the crease of it, creating an elegant wrap-around light to complement the window light and complete the shot. It is a very neat technique that does not require a ton of equipment to produce professional results. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Adler. 

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