Shooting Quick Dramatic Portraits With a Point-and-Shoot Camera and One Light

Shooting good portraits at home can be done with the simplest of setups. 

If you've thought of shooting portraits at home in either a studio or a makeshift one, here is a good guide that you can follow. Coming to you from Jiggie Alejandrino, a portrait photographer from the Philippines, this video shows how you can shoot dynamic portraits even with just a point-and-shoot camera and continuous lights. 

In the video, Alejandrino is again joined by his wife (who is basically the model for almost all his demo shooting videos), and you can see how a simple setup with just a compact camera can produce dynamic portraits in just a few minutes. While portraits like these can be done with basically any camera, his camera of choice is a Sony RX100 Mark VII, and since this camera does not allow the use of a flash trigger, Alejandrino shoots with a continuous LED light in the form of the Phottix Nuada R4 video light. It is also interesting to note how he was able to transmit and record the live view display of his camera for demonstration purposes with the help of a Hollyland Mars 300 Pro, which is a solution that can be quite helpful for photographers who teach through videos and live streams.

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