3 Helpful Tips for Getting Luminous Skin Tones in Lightroom

The light and airy look is highly popular for weddings, family photography, and more, and one of the most important aspects of it is the skin tones. This helpful video tutorial will show you three great tips for getting luminous skin tones in Lightroom.

Coming to you from Chelsea Nicole Photography, this awesome video tutorial will show you how to get luminous skin tones in Lightroom. One really helpful tip the video shows is using the color picker tool in the HSL panel in Lightroom. Though the HSL panel has a few basic colors, pretty much any color in an actual image is a combination of two, three, or even four of those basic constituents. It can be both tricky and highly tedious to try to edit a hue by working on the component colors one by one as you attempt to find the exact combination of hues that make up the color and then have to adjust them while maintaining their relative proportion. The color picker obviates this problem by calculating the correct component colors and their relative proportions for you, while maintaining those as you adjust them. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Flat looking images from blondee on helium 🙈 she could use range masks and I am really missing depth in the images... It could be still airy, but not flat.