VSCO Launches Collections for VSCO Cam

Today VSCO is launching user curated collection within the VSCO Cam app. The update will be available for both iOS and Android devices. Until now there was no way to interact with fellow VSCO grid users outside of a quick tweet or wall post.

When Grid was initially launched I felt like I was searching for a way to interact with other users profiles, as we’ve been trained to do with the iterations of social media over the years. I was finding people would post they’ve updated their grid on twitter and the users were forced back to twitter to give props. Now you can show your appreciation of their art by reposting it to a collection, curated by you.

User collection on the web

Curation was something that was reserved for those at VSCO HQ, honoring those in the community whose work inspired them. Today they are sharing that ability with the masses. With the ever growing popularity of curated Instagram accounts sharing inspirational work from users, this seems like a logical step for Grid. By resharing content you are honoring the art and the artist as all images will include the original photographer. It will not be up to the curator to credit the source, which is a major issue with Tumblr and some IG reshare accounts.

Image published to collection via VSCO Cam


Notifications of publication in VSCO Cam

Curating content is a two step process; first the user will double tap an image to save it to their library. Secondly the user must choose to publish the content to the public collection.

I’m excited to see where this new feature takes the VSCO grid community and the community it will help build. I've already started a collection for inspiration on my grid


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