You'll Soon Be Able to Shoot Log Video on Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is about to take another step toward becoming a professional videography tool. Filmic Pro will soon be releasing an update that will include a log mode, increasing the app's versatility and capabilities all the more.

If you haven't used Filmic Pro on your smartphone, you're definitely missing out. The app is a huge upgrade from the stock camera/video apps on most any phone, giving features like variable-speed zoom, full manual controls with pull capabilities, multiple resolutions and aspect ratios, and more. With their next update, they'll be releasing a feature that should make most videographers jump for joy: a log mode for flat picture profiles. Filmmaker Matteo Bertoli has been using a beta version of the feature on his iPhone 7 Plus. Check out the ungraded and graded footage below:

As you can see, the flat profile allows a lot of versatility in how one chooses to grade the image, which allows filmmakers to render their work more to their personal taste. Remember that what you see above is just Bertoli's personal take; the beauty is the versatility that the log profile allows. There's no word yet on when the update will be released, but hopefully it's soon!

[via 9 to 5 Mac]

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A vdS's picture

The android app "cinema 4k" allows to shoot log and full manual since more than a year.

Joseph Moore's picture

From the sample above, I don't think this is actually a logarithmic gamma curve. If it was, the "before" image would look almost unusable until the inverse "s" curve was applied. This looks to just be a "flat" setting with contrast and saturation lowered. I'd love to be wrong, but haven't been able to find any real information.

Ryan Mense's picture

Anyone have an opinion on how Filmic Pro and MoviePro stack up? I have MoviePro but haven't used Filmic Pro.