5 Crucial Tips for Street Photography at Night

Shooting in cities at night can be tricky, but can yield incredible results. Here are 5 tips from Pierre T. Lambert for getting the shot.

Walking around Tokyo at night taking street photography was a dream. As a city, it's unfathomably clean, but also it has a real love for neon lights, so it makes for a playground for photographers. However, beginners might struggle due to the mixture of very low light and bright artificial lights playing off each other, a lot of movement, and a need for dynamic settings. In this video, Lambert goes through some suggestions on how to get the right shot, and he has a bit of history of doing just that.

One tip that isn't in the video that I would heavily recommend is to brace yourself. No, it's nothing to do with winter coming, but rather a way to ensure your camera moves as little as possible when you take the shot. Tripods tend to be a little cumbersome and limiting (though a monopod might work), so typically I would lean against a wall or structure to get the extra stability and ensure a tack sharp image.

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