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California Sunbounce: Expensive But Worth It

Nobody ever said that California Sunbounce makes cheap gear, in fact, you may hear people complain that their products are over priced. I can say from experience though that their products are extremely well made and if you like having the best, their products may be for you. Check out their promo video below and click here to see their full product line up.

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c.d.embrey's picture

Yes, I bounce! i don't leave home without my 4x6 Sun-Bounce Pro. I use it for both stills and video. Hand held outdoors and on a C-stand indoors. Expensive, but worth it!

George Popescu's picture

Wow, talk about expensive, the 4x6 kits is over $400, and the overhead one is over $800...I can either buy a couple of these or a brand new L lens. They may be amazing at what they do, but two aluminum pipes and some reflective plastic wrap for $300+++ borders on ridiculous.

Frank B's picture

I've worked with California Sunbounce equipment on several shoots and it's a great product. That said, it's just too expensive to justify in my operation. I'll be replacing and upgrading most of my light reflecting gear over the next few months but it would require a Major League sale or price reduction before I could entertain California Sunbounce as my replacement equipment.

george socka's picture

Regardless of the manufacturer, the comment about keeping a reflector in the trunk is great advice. I was supposed to shoot a musician on a beach here in the great white north. Turned into rain so we ended up under a picnic structure. Still bright outside, dark under the roof. I would have given, well a lot, to have a reflector to bring some light into the shadows. Thing is, there always used to be a reflector in the trunk.

Patrick's picture

I wouldn't spend that much on a reflector. The one Im using is 40 bucks. Even maybe Sunbounce is really that good but if I can use something 10 times cheaper but giving 50% of the effect, I wouldn't buy it unless I got funded by a client or somehow I just get too much money to spend.

Tom Sparks's picture

I love it. My clients are worth the extra cost of a great tool and amazing light.