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Night Photography: How To Paint With Light

Scott Martin and Lance Keimig teach a night photography workshop in Texas and they created a quick BTS of the experience. The video is beautifully filmed and incredibly interesting to watch.

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Gray Tan's picture

Very interesting way of lighting subject at night.

Theo's picture

thanks for sharing

Joshua Maurer's picture

Wow Lee thanks for posting this one. I LOVE doing night photography and this really gave me some inspiration!

Edward's picture

Yay for the high quality BTS videos that the photography world has been churning out.

Kellen's picture

props to the videographer! well done.

Steven's picture

Just wanted to say, what a fantastic and inspiring style of photography. Amazing.
Presented in a lovely little video piece too.

Ekstam's picture

This is one of the coolest posts on FS for some time... This is just amazing!

Marshall Baker's picture

Awesome video, thanks for sharing.

Lance Keimig's picture

Thanks for posting our video! Walley Films in San Antonio did a great job!

tedge's picture


Ghislain Leduc's picture

I'm wondering with my D300 what would be the longest exposure I could use before the sensor start to heat up big time...

misterjar's picture

That's really inspiring and beautiful.

charles gossett's picture

Fantastic, What an inspiring video! I just realized that its been way too long since I shot night images. I'm going to change that. Thanks for posting.

Vince Corpuz's picture

this one is cool. I wanna try it. ^_^

Christian Stæhr's picture

amazing video.
I am wondering like Ghislain Leduc, how I can do it without burning of my sensor :O

Really inspiring guys