The Best Time-Lapse You Will Never Be Able To Create

It seems every day someone is creating an interesting timelapse that shows something we've never seen before. This one comes from the International Space Station as it orbits around the earth at night. The video was made from using data from the Gateway To Astronaut Photography Of Earth and stitched together with the open software Virtual Dub. It's pretty amazing how much light pollution makes it to each exposure and look carefully for bursts of lightning over the Pacific Ocean. Props to the person who spots the satellite that makes the frame as well!

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John Godwin's picture

Hmm, pretty sure that's the most amazing 55 seconds of video I've ever seen. In fact I'm certain.

Mahesh Ramesh's picture

"Props to the person who spots the satellite that makes the frame as well!" If tats d case, i see d satellite on the top and right side of the frame! :D

Patrick Hall's picture

That's part of the space station.  The Satellite is the only moving "star" in the whole video :)

Shayne Willis's picture

I have to agree

Sean Shimmel's picture


Simply Amazing

Anonymous's picture

I now know what Superman must feel like. Awesome video!

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Yaniv Eliash's picture

It's not true to say "you will never be able to create"

You never know who read your posts ;-)

Patrick Hall's picture

if we have any astronauts reading....they have a free BTS video from me :)

John Farrand's picture

Just incredible!

Seb Stewart's picture

Awesome video!

0:50 right in center of frame, beneath the "V" shape the ISS makes

Nathan O'Kane's picture

The lightning storm put this one over the top!

Nikola Ovcharski's picture

Amazing video!